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Title: ConceptRefType
Post by: JamesGardner on June 24, 2013, 04:09:36 AM
ConceptRefType seems to be designed for ConceptTypes to be packaged into ConceptSchemes
(there is a field 'maintainableParentID' that is required, and the codelisttypes point to 'Concept/conceptscheme'), however it is possible for concepts to live as identifiable types inside the <Concepts> tag..  (quite where they get their AgencyId and version i haven't figured out, since they don't extend MaintainableType at all)
I am trying to convert the sdmx 2.0 sample 'StructureSample.xml' into an sdmx 2.1 file.. and i am having problems thinking about what to do with the Concepts... I need the ConceptReference for the dimensions' ConceptReference... and ConceptReferences cannot point to maintainable artefacts.. only ConceptSchemes...
also.. ConceptRefType seems to be missing an AgencyID...
   James Gardner
Title: Re: ConceptRefType
Post by: JamesGardner on May 03, 2014, 06:15:26 AM
I just thought i would mention.. i think
'ItemSchemeRefType' is missing agency, id and version...

   <xs:complexType name="ItemSchemeRefType">
         <xs:documentation>ItemSchemeRefType contains a complete set of reference fields for referencing any item scheme. The class and package a required so that the reference is explicit as to the exact object being referenced.</xs:documentation>
         <xs:restriction base="ItemSchemeRefBaseType">
            <xs:attribute name="class" type="ItemSchemeTypeCodelistType" use="required"/>
            <xs:attribute name="package" type="ItemSchemePackageTypeCodelistType" use="required"/>

once again its extended by restriction, and doesn't have the fields copied from the base type...
   James Gardner