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Author Topic: Inclusion of copyright and license information in SDMX messages  (Read 90720 times)


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Inclusion of copyright and license information in SDMX messages
« on: September 07, 2016, 06:01:40 AM »

When generating / disseminating CL's and datasets, is there a recommendation for the inclusion of copyright and license information? 


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Re: Inclusion of copyright and license information in SDMX messages
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2016, 08:42:27 AM »

Here is how some providers do it;
2.0 ABS : statistical usage warning on DataSet but no copyright warning on DataSet, No copyright notice on any structures
2.0 IStat: no copyright notice on Data, No copyright notice on structure
2.0 OECD: copyright in xml comment in message ID in data and structure, copyright in annotations on KeyFamily in list of keyfamilies, copyright in annotation on DataSet
2.0 Knoema: copyright in api documentation, no copyright notice on data or structure
2.1 ESTAT: no copyright notice in structure or data message
2.1 INSEE: no copyright notice in structure or data message

I think there are a couple of main ways of doing it;
as an annotation tag associated with the DataStructure and DataSet (you can also place annotations on codelists, concepts & just about everything else!)
Personally I think that for sdmx 2.1 files, copyright messages could also be placed in the footer as a TextType entry
sdmx 2.0 doesn't have a footer at all.. so you could only use Annotations

probably safest to put copyright notices as an annotation on whichever thing you want to claim copyright over (DataStructure,Codelist,Code,ConceptScheme,Concept,DataSet)
please, whatever you do.. dont just add a custom attribute to the DataSet tag... this for example; <DataSet copyright="me"> or <DataSet note="copyright(c) 2016 me">
this mixes your copyright notice up with columns in the dataset...

this is taken from near the end of an ABS SDMX 2.0 CompactData file;
                        <common:AnnotationTitle>Statistical usage warning</common:AnnotationTitle>
                        <common:AnnotationText>ABS.Stat beta is continuing to be developed.  Data will be updated as soon as possible following its 11:30 am release on the ABS website.</common:AnnotationText>

you can add your own custom Annotations with different Titles and different AnnotationTexts
such as;

<common:AnnotationText>Copyright (c) 2016 me</common:AnnotationText>
<common:AnnotationText>Creative Commons By Attribution License 2.0</common:AnnotationText>

Kind Regards
   James Gardner