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Author Topic: Derivation by restriction and references to structures  (Read 16697 times)


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Derivation by restriction and references to structures
« on: February 25, 2013, 03:10:18 AM »

According to these references:
Book: XML Schema, Eric van der Vlist, Publisher: O'Reilly - Chapter 7.4.2

Whenever a complexType is derived from another by using "restriction" all the elements and attributes of the base type should be duplicated in the subtype. Otherwise base type content that is not reported in the specialized type restriction gets dropped in the specialized type.
In SDMXCommonReferences.xsd the abstract type  StructureRefBaseType is specialized by DataStructureRefType, MetadataStructureRefType. The latter do not declare in the restriction content the agency, id, version, local attributes. Are these attributes supposed to get dropped in the subtypes?
That amazes me as I think that elements that make up an identifiable artifact (agency,id,version) should be reported in the subtype, as it represent a reference to an identifiable.