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Author Topic: SDMX-HD (Health Domain)  (Read 5540 times)

Patrick whitaker - WHO

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SDMX-HD (Health Domain)
« on: August 16, 2010, 05:28:31 AM »

The World Health Organization (WHO) has adopted SDMX and implemented it in a variety of WHO and partner applications to facilitate the development of country monitoring systems. The WHO implementation is called SDMX-HD to reflect its use in the Health Domain (HD). The SDMX-HD is distinguished by its use of common and custom attributes, enabling the flexibility required for harmonization of indicators and local interoperability.

Tools are available for the SDMX-HD in .NET and Java. More information on these tools is available at

The WHO Indicator and Measurement Registry (IMR) enables the definition and harmonization of indicators and export of indicator definitions in the SDMX-HD format. A goal of the IMR is to minimize the proliferation of organization-specific DSD in health.

The public version of the IMR is located at Extranet accounts for indicator creation can be obtained from Patrick Whitaker
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