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Author Topic: Cross-sectional data validation (or How to identify the "Value" attribute?)  (Read 6456 times)


I'm trying to make a validation and interpretation (reading observation values) of an SDMX cross-sectional data message using .Net programming.

I wonder if it is possible doing this without using the corresponding (domain-specific) schema. 

I thought it would be enough to have the DSD like I read in another SDMX forum ( that the specific schema could be produced from the DSD.

I just don't understand how to be able to manage the OBSERVATION VALUE (and other Observation levels attributes) if it is defined (extended) by the specific schema, if I understood well.

For this issue I attached some sample files from Bank for International Settlements (BIS).  In this sample (CrossSecional_Sample.xml) the observation values are using the "value" attribute which, if I understood well, is an attribute defined in the BIS_JOINT_DEBT_CrossSectional.xsd file. So, how to "know" that without having the specific schema (BIS_JOINT_DEBT_CrossSectional.xsd).

Thank you for any clarification about this.